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Gifted & Talented

The Lorain County Gifted Consortium, which has as its fiscal agent the Educational Service Center of Lorain County, is responsible for the planning, implementation, ongoing development and evaluation of differentiated programs and services for identified gifted students in Lorain County, as well as planning and implementation of professional development for teachers of gifted and administrators.
To inquire about our programs and services,
please contact Cathy, Mark, or Julie.

Cathy Fischer
Gifted Supervisor

fischer@esclc.org | 440.324.5777 ext 1158

Mark Millar
Gifted Supervisor

millar@esclc.org | 440.324.5777 ext 1135

Julie Coughlin
Gifted Assistant

coughlin@esclc.org | 440.324.5777 ext 1100
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