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Occupational Therapy (OT) is considered a related service under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA), and is provided to help students with disabilities achieve success in the educational environment.
Educational or school-based OT is provided to students in preschool through age 21.  It is designed to enhance the student's ability to fully access the educational environment.  School therapy is provided in the natural school environment, meaning treatment and/or evaluation may take place in the classroom, library, cafeteria, playground or other designated area within the school.
Therapy in the school setting supports the student in meeting his/her educational goals; therefore, the level of OT support is driven by the student's IEP.  The OTs may address needs in the areas of fine motor skills, visual perception, sensory processing, self-help or vocational skills.
Services provided to districts:
  • Initial evaluation and re-evaluation of individual students' fine motor skills and functional abilities (e.g. visual motor perception, body awareness, hand functions, motor coordination, sensory development, muscle strength).
  • Active contributing member to ETR, IEP and 504 school teams such as needed evaluations formulate appropriate individual education goals and determine appropriate assistive technology.
  • Direct consultation about specific student needs (accommodations and modifications) to school district personnel through the school year.
  • Assists in assessing and recommending assistive technology, seating/positioning equipment, transportation and other adaptive equipment in all school environments.
  • Plan, organize and provide appropriate occupational therapy programs and activities to meet students' needs including accommodations and modifications in the schools' environment. 
  • Collaborates with other special service providers and school personnel to develop appropriate classroom activities to reinforce services being provided to children by the occupational therapist.
  • Medicaid billing/documentation for student service sessions. 


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