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What is P-16?

In Ohio, sites have been established to focus on P-16 in order to ease the transition along
the educational continuum (preschool to career placement) to enable learner success. Pre-school is represented by "P" and "16" represents Grade 16 or Bachelor Degree attainment.
Each site in Ohio brings together regional leaders to encourage collaboration among stakeholders to minimize duplication of services and to enhance skills that will make ready learners at transition points along the educational continuum from birth through graduate school. The consensus is that this will provide a ready workforce and enhance economic success.
Transition points tend to be as follows: 
  • From birth/early childhood programs to elementary school
  • From elementary school to middle school
  • From middle school to high school
  • From high school to post-secondary study
  • From post-secondary study to the workforce
REACHigher has created work groups that overlap each of these transition points. Click "Work Groups" in the navigation bar at the left for more information.