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Work Groups

The REACHigher Governance Council encourages regular review of the local continuum of learning from early childhood through post-secondary education. When data shows gaps or inconsistencies in the performance of learners at the identified key readiness levels, REACHigher work groups determine whether or not it should be a focus and determine a course of action to enhance performance.
Through the collaborative endeavors of the work groups, potential solutions can be developed to address the need(s). Best practices are also identified and promoted. Readiness of learners at each level of the educational continuum is essential. Students will be able to accelerate  learning. Ultimately, citizens will lead citizens to a more productive lifestyle.
  • Birth to Grade 3: focus is on being ready for Kindergarten and ready for primary school skills and behaviors
  • Grade 4-8: focus is on readiness of intermediate school grades level expectations, both academically and socially
  • Grade 9 to Post-Secondary: focus is on ensuring strong post-secondary readiness performance, as well as on enabling student success on college level work while still in high school. 
Each Work Group has established Benchmarks to address REACHigher's priorities.
Birth to Grade 3 Benchmarks 
  • Increase communication during transition between early childhood settings and the kindergarten/school setting. 
  • Promote best early childhood practices.
This work group has created, tested and distributed a very important document for children making the leap from preschool to Kindergarten. The Traveling to Kindergarten document is an important file that travels with young children, and their parents, as they embark on primary school. If you are a parent of a child in preschool or know families who can use the document to help make the transition to Kindergarten a smooth one, please call REACHigher at (440) 324-5777 ext 1115 or email to obtain the Traveling to Kindergarten Document via e-mail, fax or US mail.
To view these documents, please click on Traveling to Kindergarten Documents in the navigation menu to the left.
Grade 4-8 Benchmarks
  • Support Middle School Administrators in becoming instructional leaders.
Need Help?
REACHigher would like to endorse and recommend United Way of Greater Lorain County's First Call for Help: Dial 211 on your telephone or visit or If you have any questions, please call United Way at (440) 277-6350.
Grade 9 to Post-Secondary
  • Reduce the percentage of students coming directly from high school that place below college level.
If you are interested in participating in one or more of the REACHigher Work Groups, call (440) 324-5777 ext 1115 or email