Gifted on the Big Screen
Starting 6/15/2021
Event Groups:
• ESC of Lorain County - ESC
• ESC of Lorain County - Gifted and Talented
Much has been written about the use of popular film clips for cinema-therapy with gifted students. However, the use of this media can also be a provocative way to educate teachers of the gifted about the underrepresented population of gifted students in education. Popular films can be used as a way to see the gifted through different lenses uncovering characteristics, stereotypes, socio-economic challenges, diverse populations, parenting issues, and cultural barriers that often prevent these underrepresented students from being identified. This PD is free to all educators within *Gifted Consortium Member Districts and is a unique way to explore underrepresented populations while earning up to 15 professional development contact hours. 
In this self-paced professional development, you will learn...
  • Who the underrepresented students are.
  • Why they are underrepresented. 
  • What educators can do to help gifted students in underrepresented populations.
Watch a notable feature film featuring a gifted person from a traditionally underrepresented population and write a reflection paper about the issues discussed, addressed, alluded to, and connections you can make to your practice and understanding of the assessment, instruction and affective needs of gifted children from underrepresented populations.

AUDIENCE: Educators
FACILITATOR: Alice Ogonek, ESC Gifted Supervisor
COST: Free to *Gifted Consortium Members
REGISTRATION ASSISTANCE: Tracy Butchko, [email protected] or 440-324-5777 ext. 1100

*Gifted Consortium Member Districts
Amherst      Avon Lake     Clearview     Columbia      Firelands
North Ridgeville     Oberlin    Perkins    Sheffield-Sheffield Lake   Wellington

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