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Below is a list of all our departments that includes contact information and how we can help you find the answers to the questions you might have.  If you can't find what you are looking for, please call our main phone number, 440.324.5777, or email [email protected] and we can assist you.  This phone number is also used for each person listed below unless noted. Their extension will be listed with their email.


  Franco Gallo 
| [email protected] | ext. 1115
I can help you with numerous items including navigating the Lorain County ESC's services, connecting with our Lorain County Schools, and advocacy for our schools. I am OTES 2.0, OPES 2.0, and OCES trained.  I am the vice president of the LERC health insurance consortium, a board member of the United Way, GCSSA, and Connect.  I serve on several committees with ODE, OESCA, and BASA.  If you have any questions regarding the ESC of Lorain County I am able to assist you.  
   Dave Kish | [email protected] | ext. 1156
I can support you with scheduling professional development for the region, a district, or even a building.  I am able to find consultants for the work you need to accomplish and can also help train your staff in OTES 2.0, OPES 2.0, OSCES, HQSD, and assessment literacy.  
   Kelly Dever[email protected] | ext. 1141
I can help you with a variety of things!  I am OTES 2.0, OPES 2.0, and OSCES trained, am a Regional Data Lead and can assist with either scheduling professional development or providing professional development in the areas of assessment development, data analysis, English Learner support, HQSD, the OIP process, and any of the content areas. 

Visit our Curriculum and Instruction webpage and our online PD Catalog for current events. 


  Monique Rinehart | [email protected] | ext. 1115
I can assist with all areas of licensure, LPDC, and board agendas, minutes and policies.
Visit the Board Agendas/Minutes webpage and view the LPDC Brochure


  Kim Sheldon | ext. 1144 
I assist the ESC with all forms of communication by promoting events (creating social media posts) and providing coverage of events and submitting stories/photographs to local media outlets and social media platforms. 


  Dr. Craig Koehler | [email protected] 
I can help others in (1) supervising and evaluating teachers and support staff, (2) developing and maintaining a positive school environment, (3) being a resource for parent seminars and workshops, and (4) broadening student experiences at the middle school level. 


   Debbie Shannon | [email protected] | ext. 1112
I am able to assist you with anything regarding all the ESC and SST events.  I am also the person to contact if you need to rent one of our conference rooms (info/form).  I also manage our website content and take photos at our events.
Visit our online PD Catalog and/or our Event Calendar for current events.  


 We fingerprint for any organization.  We are not able to complete a background check for concealed weapons or hazmat.  We can answer questions regarding  fingerprinting, results, and billing.
  Pamela Gamble | [email protected] | ext. 1113
    Debbie Sawicki | [email protected] | ext. 1147 


  Cathy Fischer | [email protected] | ext. 1158
As a parent of a 2e child, former Gifted Intervention Specialist, and advocate for gifted students and high-quality services, I would be happy to respond to any of your questions regarding gifted screening, assessments, identification, services, and acceleration. I can offer assistance to Consortium member districts regarding gifted professional development, EMIS reporting, data analysis, and information relating to ESCLC enrichment programs.

  Mark Millar | [email protected] | ext. 1135
I'd be happy to respond to any of your questions regarding gifted screening and assessments, identification, services, and acceleration from our consortium members or any district that needs help in those areas. Also, as an advocate of gifted education programs and gifted students, I can assist you with providing data analysis, gifted testing, professional development opportunities, and ongoing communication to parents, teachers, and administrators.   

 Alice Ogonek | [email protected] | ext. 1145
As an advocate of gifted education programs and gifted students, I can assist you with providing data analysis,   gifted  testing,  professional development opportunities, and ongoing communication to parents, teachers, and administrators.
  Tracy Butchko | [email protected] | ext. 1100
I track the status of gifted PD hours for teachers of the gifted and provide recommendations for PD opportunities.
 Visit our Gifted webpage.


We can help you understand the latest literacy research and how to translate that research into effective school-wide practices.  Specifically, we can provide coaching to help administrators plan literacy initiatives at the district or building level, and professional learning to help teachers implement classroom instruction around the Science of Reading and Ohio's Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement. 
   Erica Kaufmann | [email protected] | ext. 1114

   Jennifer Martinez | [email protected] | ext. 1139

  Olivia Weisman | [email protected] | ext. 1117
I can also support district work in compliance with the Dyslexia Support Laws from House Bill 436 in regards to team planning, professional learning, screening, and instructional planning.

Visit the Literacy webpage.


  Mallary Mancino | [email protected] | ext. 1142
I can help with curriculum mapping and alignment, lesson and assessment design, and data interpretation.  I can also provide professional learning opportunities to guide and support instructional practices in the classroom.


A parent mentor is a parent of a child with a disability who collaborates with school districts and families by providing training, support, and resources.  A unique aspect of parent mentors is that they provide guidance based on a combination of training and personal first-hand experience.
  Kendis Bender | [email protected] | ext. 1167
Districts Served:  Amherst, Avon Lake, Columbia, Lorain City, Midview, N. Ridgeville, Oberlin

  Paula Drummer | [email protected] | ext. 1166 
Districts Served:  Bellevue, Elyria, Firelands, Keystone, Monroeville, Norwalk, Sheffield - Sheffield Lake, Wellington


As licensed social workers, we can provide assistance to those looking to add a social worker to their district.  We lead the social worker network as well as provide support through professional development, supervision and access to resources to licensed social workers within the districts we serve.
 Cathy Papp | [email protected] | ext. 1134
   Liz Wolanski[email protected] 
Visit our Social Workers webpage to view all of our social workers and the districts they support.  


  Danielle Holztrager | [email protected] | ext. 1155
I am here to help districts by providing professional development, provide assistance in hiring of related service staff, and being a resource for their Special Education Departments.

Visit the Special Education webpage for Occupational Therapy, Orientation and Mobility, Physical Therapy, Project SEARCH, Transition Coordinators, and Visually Impaired. 


   Debbie Hunt | [email protected] | 440.324.3174 
I organize and implement special events for all Lorain County schools including Academic Challenge, Spelling Bees, Music Events, Young Authors and Art Shows. I am also the Region 2 Homeless Liaison and I am happy to help with any McKinney-Vento or Homeless issues.


   Ali Solberg | [email protected] | ext. 1154 

Please feel free to contact me if you have a question or need information concerning speech-language disorders and disabilities. I assist speech-language pathologists across the districts as they work with students(pre-k through grade 12) with disabilities in communication including receptive and expressive language, social communication, articulation, phonology, stuttering and/or voice disorders.



   Elizabeth Striegl | [email protected] | ext. 1131 

I provide a full range of hearing services to students with hearing and listening concerns in the schools. I offer services to districts in Lorain, Huron, and Erie counties currently serving 15 districts. I work directly with students to assess their classroom hearing needs. I work with teachers to provide education on hearing loss and use of classroom amplification systems or ear level FM/DM systems. I also work with pupil services, and special education directors to manage, order, and service the equipment needed for their students hearing needs. I collaborate with the schools team on special education plans for students and self advocacy for students with hearing loss. I can also work on hearing conservation programs, noise management programs, for example providing hearing protection to the school band or providing recommendations for classroom noise management. I understand the school-based issues and practices and can assist the school team to understand the link between hearing, language, and learning for their students with hearing challenges. 

   Shannon Syarto | [email protected] | ext. 1138


   Kristin Fazio | [email protected] | ext. 1136 
I can support you in the area of Special Education and Early Childhood. I can also connect you with experts in the areas of School Improvement, Literacy, and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, and Family Engagement.  
   Jennifer Heim | [email protected] | ext. 1148 
I can support you in regards to:  MTSS, Access to instruction including Assistive Technology, Literacy, Ohio's Extended Standards, and Learning Progressions, Access to assessment including Ohio's Accessibility System for OSTs, Alternate Assessment for Students with the most Significant Cognitive Disabilities, Universal Design for Learning, and Supporting Intervention Specialists and Special Educator Directors
   Kate Hamilton| [email protected] | ext. 1107 
I can assist with technical assistance completing or revisiting districts reading tiered fidelity inventory, local literacy or reading improvement/achievement plan, provide direct support, provide professional development/training or create networks as it aligns to activities found in Ohio's Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement, answer and support questions as it pertains Pre-K-12 Literacy.  
   Matt Marino | [email protected] | ext. 1163
   Sarah Marsden | [email protected] | ext. 1165

   Joshua Preece | [email protected] | ext. 1133
I am happy to support the implementation of all 3 tiers of PBIS. I also support schools and districts to increase family partnerships. 

   Courtney Seman | [email protected] | ext. 1157

   Colleen Szesze | [email protected] | ext. 1128
I can support schools and districts with the Ohio Improvement Process (TBTs, BLTs, DLTs, CSLTs) and with the One Needs Assessment and One Plan.  
   Melissa Wagner | [email protected] | ext. 1169

   Debbie Shannon | [email protected] | ext. 1112 
I am able to assist you with event registration.
   Jackie Urig | [email protected] | ext. 1160 
I am responsible for maintaining budgets and all federal grant records, updating the SST2 website, marketing, report preparation and district contact records and correspondence. 


   Pam Gamble | [email protected] | ext. 1113
I can assist anyone that would like to become a substitute teacher, how to apply, the daily rates, and the districts we serve for substitutes.  

Visit the Substitute webpage.


(Northern Ohio Research and Training Technology Hub)
   Dave Miller | [email protected] | ext. 1195 
I can assist districts as they plan for the effective use of technology and technology related strategies inside teaching and learning. Other specialties include assisting districts with the implementation of maker spaces, internet safety training for staff, implementing project based learning, gamifying classroom instruction, and all things Google. I am also the point of contact if you need to talk to someone in charge of all things technology related for the ESC Staff.  
   Michael Triska | [email protected] | ext. 1104
I am an OTES 2.0 State Trainer and Technology Integrationist. Let me help you find high yield strategies and appropriate tech tools that can improve your workflow and elevate your practice. 
  Adam Karolak | [email protected] |  ext. 1197 
I am the technology support for the ESC staff, teachers and students. I help resolve any software, hardware, network, or other technical issues, as well as maintain our current systems.

Visit the NORT2H website.


We can help districts  to empower our educational community to support the systemic implementation of the whole child approach for student success in life and learning.   We can also assist districts in strengthening their multi-tiered systems to provide whole child supports, including mental and behavioral health services to every child. 
  Cathy Papp | [email protected] | ext. 1134 
   Mindy Kaminski | [email protected] | ext. 1140