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The Lorain County Early Learning Center is a Pre-K learning experience for children ages 3-5 whose parents would like them to receive a developmentally appropriate learning experience from quality licensed, early childhood education professionals to assure readiness for Kindergarten. This school facility is located at 12079 Lagrange Road, LaGrange, OH 44050 (440-324-3178) and enrollment is available at any time during the school year.


Our mission is to provide small-group, positive learning environments for students who benefit from a non-traditional school setting.
Students come to us for a variety of reasons, including low academic performance, high absenteeism or behavioral challenges.
Together, our team develops a program with you and your child to develop social, emotional and academic growth.
RELEVANT REAL-LIFE LEARNING Our academic team meets the requirement for Highly Qualified Teachers in core academic areas. We work closely with your child in curriculum aligned to the Ohio Department of Education's Education Standards. At the same time, students grow through a culture which includes rewards for positive behavior, reflection time, engaging social activities and real-life learning.  


The Project SEARCH High School Transition Program is a one-year educational program for students with disabilities in their last year of high school ( must have completed all requirements for graduation). It is targeted for students whose main goal is competitive employment. The program builds essential job-specific and employability skills needed to gain and maintain meaningful employment, lead productive lives and become integrated in an adult work environment.


The purpose of our Education Program is to ensure the highest level of learning we can provide for all students.
Students are placed in the education program in Detention Home, Stepping Stone/Pathways or Turning Point upon facility-intake by juvenile authorities or a responsible Lorain County agency.
Attending school is a required activity every week-day; 5½ hours of direct-instruction is given daily to each resident by a licensed, HQT education professional. If the School of Residence or School of Enrollment wishes to send or pick-up school-work for the resident, this can easily be accommodated by our teachers.Otherwise, an Ohio Academic Standards-focused curriculum in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies & Technology is followed by our teachers with the goal that each resident will experience gains in grade-level achievement while in residence. Transcripts are sent to the student’s School of Residence or School of Enrollment Guidance Office upon release so that a smooth transition is achieved and academic credit earned in our teaching facilities is accepted.