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ESC/ODE Agreement commences July 1, 2021

=   Services Provided must begin on this date or after

=   Goods/Equipment purchased must be after this date

=   Allowable reimbursements will occur after this date

ESC invoices ODE for any of the above allowable expenditures

Consultation with NPS

=   Franco Gallo, David Kish and Angela Dotson

o   Review approve application to determines needs

Services-Instructional or Otherwise

=   ESC may/will assign current staff to provide the service

=   ESC may contract with service providers

o   Service Providers currently working with NPS would be eligible but would need to contract with ESCCO

=   ESC may need to employ personnel to meet need

o   ESC will consider individuals identified by NPS

o   Any individual employed by the ESC would have to meet onboarding requirements

§ Licensure

§ Background Check-FBI/BCI

§ Other employment policies

Goods or Products

=   ESC Purchasing Procedures

= Governed by Ohio Revised Code

=        Governing Board Policies and Administrative Regulations/Procedures

o   Uniform Guidance-Procurement Regulations

o   Purchases 10,000 to 250,000

o   Two or more quotes required

o   250,000 and above

o   Competitive Bid or Proposal Process required

=   EANS Reimbursements for expenses by NPS

o   Must meet areas as identified in the Application and USDOE Guidelines and any additional guidelines promulgated by ODE

o   Does not allow for reimbursement of  personnel costs

o   Does not allow for reimbursements of certain items detailed in USDOE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)