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The Educational Service Center of Lorain County/Region 2 SST is committed to assisting our member schools provide an exemplary college/career ready education to each of its students. Our focus is to provide services and programs that support school improvement, focusing on sound instruction, strong leadership, a guaranteed and viable curriculum, the effective use of technology, and support for special education and early learning.

We seek to become an organization that serves as a coordinating hub that brings our citizens together; public schools, institutions of higher learning, businesses, local governmental entities, and other support organizations. Through collaboration and sharing resources and services, Lorain County and surrounding areas can provide better opportunities, at a reduced cost, not only for our students, but for all residents across our region.

I encourage you to give us a call or stop by, joining us in our pursuit of providing our children with an education that is second to none!


440.324.5777 x1115 


Assistant to the Superintendent
440.324.5777 x1115