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REACHigher (Lorain County P-16) is an educational resource for Greater Lorain County and surrounding communities.  The organization provides links to resources that can improve students' success and provide a transition for the next level of education.
REACHigher also works with businesses and community organizations to ensure that students learn the skills they need for a changing job market.

The organization includes educational professionals from birth through college. The goal of the group is to identify barriers within the educational process, and to work with educational institutions and community leaders to improve educational attainment and success throughout all education levels. 

REACHigher enables everyone in the community to become involved with the educational success of our students.  Educators, parents, students and community organizations create partnerships to remove educational barriers for students at all times.  
                       Advance.When students are successful in their current educational endeavors, they are better prepared to advance to the next level of education.  REACHigher works with all educational levels from birth to college.
 Connect.REACHigher connects community members with educational resources throughout the area.  These connections are vital to establishing common goals and working together on effective solutions.