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Students Learn Character Values in Anti-Virus Course

LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio -- While no one will question the importance of academics, equally as important is teaching students to be successful adults with strong character traits.

Seventh-grade students in several school districts throughout Lorain County are participating in an Anti-Virus Character Values program. The 10-week Anti-Virus class is designed to inform, inspire and ignite middle school students to live a life full of ethical values.

The curriculum identifies the power of the virus (corruption) and its influences on us, in our homes and in our society. Anti-Virus then lays out seven main character-based values for students to learn and put into daily practice. The entire workbook helps train youth to stand against destructive cultural behaviors that impact everyone.

The Anti-Virus curriculum focuses on seven main character traits:

• Ambition
• Responsibility
• Hard Work
• Emotions
• Restraint
• Common Sense
• Generosity

Mentors, provided and trained by the Educational Service Center of Lorain County, take students through the character traits using historical figures as examples.

“We each have a character trait we can influence others with,” said Christy Miller, mentor during a class at Midview Middle School. “We have a motto we follow, ‘Thoughts become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become your destiny.’ Beliefs control your thoughts about yourself and others and they will affect your future. If you are looking for different results in your life, you may need to change your behavior. Thomas Edison is our mentor for the charter trait, ‘ambition.’ There are three ways to develop ambition. One is to look for opportunities to bring solutions or to meet a need for your family and friends. One you find an opportunity, act upon it.”

The course is currently being implemented at the following school districts in Lorain County: Amherst, Clearview, Columbia, Elyria, Firelands, Keystone and Midview.

The program is funded through private partnerships and is provided to the school districts at no cost. The goal is to implement the program county-wide. Businesses or individuals who would like to contribute may contact Greg Ring, Superintendent Educational Service Center of Lorain County, via email at

MEDIA- You are welcome to come see the course taught in action at Midview Middle School, 12865 Grafton Rd, Grafton. The mentor, Christy Miller, as well as the teacher, Kelly Kapucinski, are available for comments. If you would like to talk with a student or two, Miss Kapucinski can arrange an interview.

Course is taught Mondays at 10:44 a.m. for the next 4 weeks.

Please let me know if you are planning to attend next week or within the next few weeks.

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