Reignite Teacher and Student Engagement with Blended Learning

Event Date: 5/11/2022
Start Time: 3:45 PM
End Time: 4:45 PM
Location: Virtual via Zoom

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Audience:  All Educators
The last two years have been mentally and emotionally exhausting for teachers and students. The pandemic and its impact on education have left many teachers feeling tired and disillusioned. Yet, teacher engagement is critical to achieving high levels of student engagement and improving learning outcomes. Understanding the aspects of this work that are cognitively, emotionally, and socially engaging is critical if we want to reignite our teachers’ passion for this profession. 
In an era when many feel burnt out or question the sustainability of this work, we must leverage a strategic blend of online and offline learning that allows teachers to invest time and energy in the human side of teaching. 
Join Dr. Catlin Tucker to explore how teachers can leverage blended learning to spend more time on the aspects of this work that positively impact their engagement and, in turn, increase student engagement.

Facilitator: Catlin Tucker
Event Fee:  Free 
Assistance: Debbie Shannon, [email protected] or 440.324.5777 x1112

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