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Orientation and Mobility

The Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist provides a wide range of services to students and school districts in compliance with local, state, and federal legislation. The O&M Specialist participates with district evaluation teams in qualifying students under state guidelines, assist in developing program plans, provide direct and consultative services, and facilitate appropriate materials for individual students.

What does a Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist do?

  • Conduct Orientation and Mobility Assessments to determine qualifications and needs

  • Teach students how to move safely within their school and community using spatial and environmental concepts and information received by the senses (such as sound, temperature and vibrations) to establish, maintain, or regain orientation and line of travel (e.g., using sound at a traffic light to cross the street)

  • Teach students to use the long cane  to safely negotiate the environment

  • Teach students to use remaining vision and distance low vision aids in order to travel independently

  • Teach students to use GPS assistive technology to assist in independent travel

  • Orient a student who is blind to locate classes, cafeteria, and other locations within school grounds


Teacher of the Visually Impaired/Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist
440.324.5777 x1122 


Director of Special Education Services
440.324.5777 x1155