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Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy (PT) is one of the related services under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (DEA).  It is provided to support the Individualized Education PRogram (IEP) for students ages 3-21, who have a disability that interferes with their education performance and ability to benefit from their education program.  PT is provided to assist a child move as independently as possible in the school environment, to achieve academic success, and to participate fully in classroom activities.
Physical therapy services are provided primarily through an integrated service model, meaning services are a combination of direct student-therapist contact with consultation and instruction to others involved in the student's educational program.  PTs maybe work on functional mobility skills, architectural accessibility, utilizing appropriate assistive devices, transfers, positioning, and pre-vocational tasks.
Services provided to districts:
  • Services as a consultant to and in collaboration with school personnel in the development and provision of a program for gross motor skills, functional mobility and safety improvement.
  • Provide screening services and assists school personnel in the identification and referral of children with suspected gross motor and/or functional movement delays.
  • functions as a member of the evaluation team to provide a multi-factored evaluation to facilitate the assessment and diagnosis of motor disabilities/delays.
  • Provides appropriate physical therapy to meet students' needs identified in evaluation reports and as described in the IEP.
  • collaborates with other special service providers and school personnel to develop appropriate classroom activities to reinforce services being provided to children by the physical therapist. 


Physical Therapist for Midview, Oberlin, Wellington


Director of Special Education Services
440.324.5777 x1155