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ODE Compliance, Programs & Services

ODE Compliance: Services and Programs for Gifted Consortium Member Districts

The ESC Gifted Department offers the following programs and services to Gifted Consortium Member Districts:
Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Compliance throughout the gifted assessment, identification, and service process:
Further Assessments & Referrals
Subject & Whole Grade Acceleration Testing & Team Meetings
Parent & District Notification of Results 
Gifted Identification
Gifted Service Coding
Gifted EMIS Reporting & Coding
Professional Development for Gifted Educators
WAP & WEP1 Creation 
Gifted Service Implementation
Gifted Education Support2
ODE Compliance with District Documentation:  
District ID Policy & Service Plans
Parent Brochures: PB-1s & PB-3s
District Self-Reports
Programs | Field Trips: 
Mock Trial
Visual Arts Identification Day 
24 Game Semi-Finals/Finals

Professional Development:
Online Gifted Book Studies
Online Gifted Toolbox Modules
Guest Speakers

1 Written Acceleration Plan/Written Education Plan
2 Includes classroom resources, instruction implementation, consulting, lending library, and parent communication