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Nature and Needs

The Nature and Needs of the Gifted Child

 Gifted students may have different developmental patterns than their peers in the areas of physical, cognitive, social, and emotional areas. The physical and social domains may develop at a similar or slower pace than others, while the cognitive and emotional domains may develop faster.
Some common characteristics of gifted learners are:
  • Learn faster with less repetition and practice
  • Understand and make abstractions earlier; may ignore details
  • Have specific interests
  • Are curious and tend to ask complex questions; like to know "why?" and "how?" things happen
  • Are quick to realize relationships, including cause-effect
  • Are bored with routine tasks
  • Have large vocabularies and express themselves well
  • Evaluate facts, arguments, and people critically
  • Are creative, inventive, and original
  • Try to find answers to questions in unusual ways
  • Have highly-developed sense of humor

Recommended Books


   by Susan Winebrenner
    by James T. Webb, Elizabeth A. Meckstroth,   
   and Stephanie S. Tolan 
   by the National Association for Gifted Children
   edited by Maureen Neihart, Sally M. Reis, Nancy M. Robinson,
   and Sidney M. Moon
   by Judy Galbraith 
    by Dr. Sylvia Rimm